Root Canal Treatments In Ahmedabad

What is a Root Canal Treatment??

Root Canal treatment deals with removal of the Inflamed and Infected part of the pulp tissue present in the innermost layer of the tooth and refilling it with an inert biocompatible material to prevent spreading of the infection, Thereby allowing one to keep the tooth that would otherwise needed to be extracted. Root Canal treatment is the last resort to save the tooth and we, here at Somani’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic one of the finest Advanced Oral Health Care Centre located in prime location of Satellite Ahmedabad specialize in it. The Root Canal treatment is a skilled and time consuming procedure that may require two or more visits, but with the latest development in Modern Dentistry they can be conducted in a single sitting only. We at Somani’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic one of the best in Ahmedabad use all the latest advanced equipments for all our treatments along with maintenance of strict infection control protocols. The treatment can however take more than one appointment, depending on the case.

Why get a Root Canal done??

The pulp is the inner most layer of tooth that harbors nerve endings and tissues which make it a living tissue, extending right up to the roots. Once this tissue has been infected the only viable option for saving the tooth is to perform a root canal treatment and we at Somani’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic located in satellite Ahmedabad help you in doing so, with minimal discomfort. Taking only antibiotics or other pain reliving medications will not remove the cause of the infection neither will these medicines help in disinfecting the root canals as the blood vessels that would usually deliver these medications to the site of infection are usually destroyed by the bacteria when they infect the tooth. The medicines might give a temporary relief but they are not the ultimate solution.

If the infected tooth is left untreated it presents a significant risk as the infection may worsen and can spread to other parts of the body which leads to changes that make it further more difficult to treat the tooth and ultimately leading to removal of tooth. Although one may experience pain, swelling, or other signs of infection at any point during this disease process, it is quiet common that a person is not aware of this chronic disease occurring until a problem is found during a checkup by the dentist which is why it is recommended to get a dental checkup every 6 months from your dentist.

Does it pain during the Root Canal Procedure??

Because we at Somani’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic one of the best Dental Clinics in Ahmedabad  help you to understand the various options for treating your complaint and advice only what is best for you. By using modern equipments we help you to understand the treatment plan on every step by taking intra oral photographs and would let you yourself compare the change that you have experienced once the treatment is completed.  On your first appointment At Somani’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic located in Ahmedabad a proper assessment of your complaint will be done with the help of intra oral pictures, thorough clinical examination and digital x-rays thereby deducing a treatment plan most suitable to your case.

The procedure of root canal treatment is as follows:

1.The tooth that is involved will be numbed and removal of the decayed part of the tooth will be done. Thereby an Access opening is made through the chewing surface of the tooth into the pulp chamber for their cleaning and debridement.

Root Canal treatments in ahmedabad              Root Canal treatments in ahmedabad1

Root Canal treatments in ahmedabad2                     Root Canal treatments in ahmedabad3

2.The inside of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and shaped with the help of special endodontic instruments that allow the disinfectants to reach all  the way to the tip of the root. A temporary filling material is placed inside the tooth in order to protect the shaped and cleaned canals till the next stage of treatment.

root canal1        root canal2

3.Next the tooth is inspected to ensure that the infection has resolved and if so, a permanent root canal filling material is placed inside the each canal to permanently seal them.

root1              root2

4.Lastly as a final step all the decayed portion of the tooth that was removed initally is restored with a permanent restoration and a crown/onlay is given over it to prevent any kind of leakage from the margins and most commonly tooth fractures. The root canal treated tooth must be permanently restored as soon as possible as there is a high chance of damage to the tooth from biting force coming from the opposing tooth.

canal1      canal2

  • What can you expect immediately after your treatment

It is absolutely normal to experience some kind of discomfort after the completion of the root canal treatment, especially while chewing. It is because of the healing response generated at the root ends and the injection sites. Although not every patient will experience it, certain teeth can become sensitive after a root canal causing discomfort for few days following treatment which will subside eventually. However, normal oral hygiene must be resumed once the crown is given. But We at Somani’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic in Satellite area of Ahmedabad try our best to minimize your discomfort as well as aid you in overcoming your fears about the Dentists and their needles, which is why our patient leave our clinic with a happy smile every time no matter what Age.

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